• Consultancy for affiliation formalities
  • Financial Planning
  • Co-Curriculum Activities Guidance
  • Personality Development
  • Teacher's Empowerment
  • School Management Software
  • Workshops (by renowned personalities)
  • Manuals (duty charts etc.)
  • Checklist (Professional Working
  • Centralized Purchase Discount
  • Operational Manual
  • Latest Technology Assistance
  • Sports
  • Standard System of Working
  • Smart Classes
  • CCE Implementation

NES is honoured to have distinguished personalities both from private and public sector as members of its advisory board. Our advisory board plays an important public relations role and provides program for staff with a fresh perspective on programmatic issues. The members of the advisory board help in creating policies which provide direction and support for the entire staff. Each advisory board member possesses something unique. Some members will take the responsibility for specific task, some will attend meeting and provide valuable input whereas, some board members might support and lend credibility to the project.

The responsibilities for the school Advisory Board are:

  • Assisting the schools in recognizing the latest needs of the industry and their respective profession.
  • Advice on the existing and proposed programmes taught in school and ensure that the curriculum and equipment in the school are in a accordance with the best professional and educational practice.
  • Encouraging and assisting interaction between staff and school.
  • Identifying opportunities for consultancy and continuing Professional Development (cpd) training by the school and encourage their use by industry.
  • Promoting Collaboration and research between the school and industry .