• Consultancy for affiliation formalities
  • Financial Planning
  • Co-Curriculum Activities Guidance
  • Personality Development
  • Teacher's Empowerment
  • School Management Software
  • Workshops (by renowned personalities)
  • Manuals (duty charts etc.)
  • Checklist (Professional Working
  • Centralized Purchase Discount
  • Operational Manual
  • Latest Technology Assistance
  • Sports
  • Standard System of Working
  • Smart Classes
  • CCE Implementation

We also provide consultancy in the areas of:

  • Inter school Competitions.
  • A Proven Standard system of working.
  • Help in incorporating technology enabled teaching
  • Making school calendar and teachers diary.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Instructional Strategies.
  • Rubrics
  • Assessment and techniques
  • Financial Planning
  • Research studies and Literature availability
  • Life Skills training
  • Methods of organizing events and school functions
  • Management team building games
  • Development of intrapersonal Skill
  • Affiliation process for the board
  • Recruitment of staff.
  • Mailers for many of the above (at least 3-4 mailers in a month )
  • Career guidance.
  • Quality Inspection
  • Sharing best practices amongst schools

Consultancy for affiliation formalities


Financial Planning

  • Budgeting
  • Resource planing
  • Setting up infrastructure

Co-Curriculum Activities Guidance

  • Latest life skills training
  • Creative and critical skills development

Personality Development

  • Membership
  • Professional development
  • Enhance instructional skills
  • Management games
  • Interpersonal skills

Teacher's Empowerment

This programme is specially designed for the teachers or educators. Its main aim is to :-

  • Help the educators to understand the unique Pre-Nursery to class XII educational climate and culture dynamics.
  • Strengthen and promote school-community collaboration.
  • Introduce them to the changing scenario of education and help them to acclimatize to this global change.
  • Motivate the teachers to perform better in their field of expertise.

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School Management Software

The array of software services that we offer through various modules :

  • Windows Applications
  • Internet Applications
  • Hardware

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Workshops (by renowned personalities)

NES offers workshops that are designed to enhance teachers ' ability to think critically, research successfully, convey effectively, organize their work smartly and present it coherently.

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Manuals (duty charts etc.)

Duties are an integral part of any infrastructure. We, at NES understand the importance of each one's duties and responsibilities. Our duty manuals are intended to give a right approach to the various job responsibilities and ensure smooth networking of the education system.

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Checklist (Professional Working environment)

Every school's image is truly presented through its various programmes and co-curricular activities. An effective planning, organizing and implementing guarantees the success of various activities carried in the school.

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Guidelines for Improvement for the following areas are also provided

1. Internal Administration
2. Beginning of New Session
3. Communication with Parents
4. Experimental Learning
5. Event Management
6. Correspondence - More than 700 Letters, Notices, Circulars etc.
     to be provided
7. Transport Management
8. Legal Cases in School

Centralized Purchase Discount

NES aims to provide the list of suppliers of supreme quality school consumable, furniture and fixture, at the lowest possible cost. Additionally theses product are supported by an extraordinary level of service.

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Operational Manual

  • How to become a good teacher
  • Adolescence

Latest Technology Assistance

Technology has become an essential tool for every trade. It accelerates the work output and keeps one upgraded with the latest. NES provides state-of-the-art technological environment to its client's. The use of computers has revolutionized the education system.

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Diagnostic tests for accessing scholastic skills of students

- To measures how well a student has understood concepts and gives   detailed feedback on the same, to help them improve.
- Provides detailed skill-wise feedback highlighting strengths and   weaknesses.
- Scientifically Designed.
- Tests conceptual learning (not general skills only).
- Boosts the self-esteem of students by focussing equally on the strengths   and the areas needing improvement.
- For students of Classes 1 to 10.
- All Subjects: English, Maths , Science, EVS, SS & Hindi.
- Completely objective-type, multiple choice questions.
- Students have to only select the correct answer.

Being an objective type test, the answer sheets are checked by OMR. A detailed analysis of the results is prepared. Based on this, we send an analysis report for each child, identifying the areas of strengths and the areas where improvement is needed. We also provide suggestions on how to work on improving the areas of weakness.


Latest CCE (Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation)
Implementation from Class - I to Class X

- CCE Curriculum
- More than 200 Formative Assessments with Rubrics
- Weekly bifurcation of Syllabus
- Multiple Intelligence curriculum
- Enabling I.T. for CCE Report Card
- Generation and analysis
- Topic wise evaluation

Standard System of Working

  • Optimization of resources
  • Standard Procedures
Smart Classes

Website Development

NES is dedicated towards providing the schools with best consultancy services that will help them tap the networking, globally. We shall provide guidelines for effective website development which will help you to win more business and will help you create a niche in the competitive world of education.

Assistance in marketing & promotional activities

NES is committed not only to understand the dynamics shaping its clients priorities and performance, but also help shape their development. We ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information entrusted to us. We assure not to disclose our client's identity without their expressed or written consent.

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